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Magmito puts the power of mobile content creation in your hands. Reach virtually every phone on the market today with your message. No programming knowledge needed! Use our intuitive Web-based tool to build an engaging mobile app that promotes a product, service, event or person directly to your audience. Have a look at our user created App Samples and our easy to modify App Templates and then Sign-up today!

How it Works Magmito makes making apps easy in 4 simple steps
A mobile app generator for both consumers and businesses

Save thousands of dollars and quickly create apps with all the features you need and that work on all phones. Watch our tutorial video and learn how to make an app, fast. Build & Distribute, all in one day and at a price that makes sense!

Magmito - Reach anyone, anywhere, anytime and on any mobile device. Create an app, ad-free with up to 50 pages in size and get 30 days of unlimited updating for $9.99/month OR for $99.99 receive 12 months of unlimited updating (save $19.89!).

Features Benefits
• Up to 50 pages of content • Easily consolidate important information into one cool, easy-to-access app
• 'About' page co-branding • Save time and avoid confusion resulting from multiple emails, texts and phone calls
• Access to ready-made templates • Increase market exposure, grow your business and build brand awareness
• Built-in graphic generator • Reduce print costs, increase productivity, sales and customer satisfaction
• Map, Quiz, RSS, Text and Video page widgets • Provide up-to-date information sharing and links to your social networks
• Distribution via QR Code, email or SMS, free • Monitor and measure promotional/information effectiveness
• Free promotion through facebook, Twitter and select app stores like GetJar and Google Play
Platform Features

Your app can contain any or all of the following:

  • Text, photos, and graphics

  • Google Maps

  • Embedded VIDEO

  • Links to Web or Wap pages

  • Direct dialing to any phone

  • App statistics to any phone

  • Post to Twitter, facebook & select App stores

  • Distribute: QR code, SMS or email

  • Tell-a-friend viral forwarding

  • RSVP reply forms

  • Quizzes, questionnaires or polls

  • Links to internal pages

  • Custom on-page app icon

  • Embedded RSS feeds

  • Multi-language system text


Here are just a few of the many types of apps Magmito users have created. Have more ideas? Let us know.

Wedding, Anniversary or Party invitation/program * Travel & business itineraries * Festivals & celebrations *
Real estate & property sales * Sports teams & fan clubs * Restaurant & night club promotions * Conferences & symposium agendas * Marketing & product knowledge * mLearning & training * Music & musician promotion & sales *
Product launches & presentations * Market research/Customer feedback * Mobile resumes * And many, many more...

turn your bright ideas into powerful cross platform applications


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Our Magmito Application Experts can create a professional app for your business at a fraction of the cost traditional app developers charge. Find out more.




Magmito Platform for Enterprise

Think the Magmito Platform would be the perfect value-added service (VAS) for your enterprise?
Speak to us today about a custom mobile application platform, from white labeling to Wizards. Check out Magmito for Business, available from Sprint or Telia App Studio to see our platform in action.



Our vision

Blogging and social media platforms let anyone broadcast their message into cyberspace to virtually everyone. Back in 2009, we at DIDMO asked ourselves a simple question: Why not for mobile? The answer is Magmito, the first platform of its kind that lets anyone create apps that can be viewed on any mobile device.

Apps made easy

If you can create a blog or update your facebook profile, you can create a Magmito app. And that's the way we want to keep it. Use a template or create from scratch to add text, images, video, forms, RSS feeds and more. The Magmito platform is being used by over 20,000 people around the world, from everyday people to small businesses and even brand name companies. Over 25,000 apps have been created ranging from mobile wedding invitations to marketing campaigns, product promotions, conference agendas and more.

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