Frequently Asked Questions

A. General

B. Subscriptions

C. Compatibility

D. Troubleshooting

E. Creating an Application

F. Gallery

G. Publishing

H. Statistics

I. App Services

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A. General

1) How do I create an account?

2) Does it cost anything to create an account?

3) Where do I go for technical support?

4) What kinds of apps can I create with Magmito?

5) Can I use Magmito to create a mobile game?

6) How do I use the Virtual Phone?

7) Can I upload my Magmito apps to app markets?

8) Can I charge my clients for the development of apps I created using Magmito?

B. Subscriptions

1) What do I get with my paid subscription?

2) Can people still view my app after my subscription expires?

3) Can I renew my app subscription after it has expired?

4) What does 'recurring payments' mean?

5) Can I cancel recurring payments?

6) How do I delete my account?

7) Can I get a refund?

8) What happened to the $4.99/month $49.99/year option?

C. Compatibility

1) What browsers do you support?

2) What mobile phone types can view Magmito applications?

3) When will you have native support for iPhone?

4) I want to embed a video into my app. What formats do you support and what is the maximum file size?

5) Will my apps run on iPads and other tablet devices?

D. Troubleshooting

1) I'm having trouble viewing the website. What should I do?

2) My application was working fine yesterday, but today I tried to show a friend and it says the page has expired. Help!

3) I'm having trouble downloading the application on my phone. What should I do?

4) I updated my application in Magmito, but the app on my phone still shows the old content.

5) I uploaded a video into my app but I can't see it.

6) The video I uploaded into my app is not playing back properly on my phone.

7) How do I take a photo of the QR Code with my phone?

8) I tried to take a photo of my application's QR Code but nothing is happening. Why?

9) I've already published my app but need to change the URL. How can I?

10) I paid my subscription fee, yet it still says my app is a Free Preview. Why?

11) I created a custom icon for my app and published it but the generic icon is still showing on my phone. What am I doing wrong?

12) My uploaded picture looks good in the editor, but it doesn't appear in the published application (or it appears very dark and distorted)

13) I uploaded an image to use in my application but the colors are super bright, how do I fix this?

14) I'm having problems publishing my app on an app market. Can you help?

15) I was using your Live Chat function yesterday but today, I can’t access it. Why?

E. Creating an Application

1) Who can view my application?

2) How do I create an application?

3) How do I add/subtract pages?

4) What types of pages can I create?

5) How long do I have to complete my application?

6) Do you have templates I can use?

7) I've finished my application, how do I get it to my family, friends or clients?

8) How many Pages can I have in my app? What if I want more?

9) Is there a way to change or customize the standard Menu Page?

F. Gallery

1) How do I upload my images?

2) Where are the images I have uploaded?

3) Are there any restrictions on images?

4) Do I have to use my own images?

5) Is there a charge to use your images?

6) Can I create Headers or Buttons from within Magmito?

7) Can I edit my images from within Magmito for Mobile?

8) How can I edit or create the buttons used in Magmito Templates?

9) How do I upload a video into my app?

G. Publishing

1) How do I publish my application?

2) What types of distribution options exist to get my app out to my audience and what does it cost?

3) How do I select distribution options and get my app out there?

4) I don’t want just anyone viewing my application, is there a way to make it private?

5) I’ve typed in the name of my application in the Application URL textbox, but it is telling me that the name is already being used. What should I do?

6) What does "Expiration date" mean?

7) How does "Tell-a-friend" work and how can I activate it? What does it cost?

8) Can I remove all references to Magmito from my app?

9) Can I edit/update my application after it has been published? Does it cost anything?

10) I have edited my application. How do my recipients receive my updated app?

11) I’ve completed my application, but when I try to publish it says I need to validate my account?

12) What kind of support do you provide for publishing my app on app markets?

H. Statistics

1) Where do I go to see recipient feedback from applications?

2) Is there a way to find out how many people have downloaded my application?

I. App Services

1) What kind of app services do you provide?

2) How much will it cost for your team to build my app?