Our vision

Blogging and social media platforms let anyone broadcast their message into cyberspace to virtually everyone. Back in 2009, we at DIDMO asked ourselves a simple question: Why not for mobile? The answer is Magmito, the first platform of its kind that lets anyone create apps that can be viewed on any mobile device.

Apps mean access

The barriers to entry for mobile marketing are breaking down. A growing number of easy and affordable options now exist for small to mid-sized businesses to make sense of, and get into, the game. With mobile app usage skyrocketing to 94 minutes per day (vs. 72 minutes for mobile web) in the US alone¹, now is the perfect time for businesses and consumers alike to create apps to mobilize their message.

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Apps made easy

If you can create a blog or update your facebook profile, you can create a Magmito app. And that's the way we want to keep it. Use a template or create from scratch to add text, images, video, forms, RSS feeds and more. The Magmito platform is being used by over 20,000 people around the world, from everyday people to small businesses and even brand name companies. Over 25,000 apps have been created ranging from mobile wedding invitations to marketing campaigns, product promotions, conference agendas and more.

Apps for all

What good are mobile apps that can only be viewed on one kind of phone? It's like producing a TV show that can only be viewed on one brand of TV. Not only do Magmito apps reach over 1 billion phones but we've made sure you can get them out via almost any means necessary: SMS/text, email, QR Codes, to name a few. And now, you can publish them to select app stores and promote them on facebook and Twitter too. If you have a Constant Contact account, you can sign-in and launch an email marketing campaign to your lists promoting your mobile initiatives.

¹Source: http://techcrunch.com/2012/01/09/flurry-mobile-app-usage-up-to-94-minutes-per-day
²Number of users and number of apps as of January 27, 2012.
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